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Brand Designing Guidelines That’ll Assist You Stand Out

Logo Designing Tips That’ll Help You Stand Out

Last updated on November 10th, 2022 at 12:55 am

Logos are vital in branding and marketing. They help make businesses and organizations easier to remember. They do not help sell stuff directly, but they help consumers differentiate one particular brand from the competition.

They also give companies and institutions their sense of self and individuality, at least visually. It’s like giving a face to a name. We have listed a few things that we think will help create or redesign your logo.

4 Logo Design Tips You Need to Check


Keep it simple.

Simplicity goes a long way. Your logo design should not distract attention by having too much detail. Putting too many concepts or visuals in one logo makes it hard to understand.

Enter Apple. They made a great leap by redesigning their original logo to the one they have today. Just look at where they are now.

Read the story behind their logo here.

Make it unique.

To be considered adequate, your logo needs to stand out. It should not look like anything else in the market. If others are already doing a particular style, ensure you don’t. Keep out of design trends. These trends (or fads) will make your logo look similar to many other logos which nobody likes. Use design elements that your competitors have not used before. You can use a different hue if you must use the same color as your competitor. Other successful brands even create their fonts.

A great example is the FedEx logo. Not many companies use purple and orange together. See how simple and different it looks from other brand marks. Also, note the witty, hidden arrow between the letters ‘e’ and ‘x.’ Lindon Leader, the genius behind the said logo, has manipulated the letters to create the arrow.

Sketch your personality into a visual trademark.

Your logo does not necessarily have to grab attention, but it should help reinforce the identity you want to establish. Is it appropriate to the services you offer? Does it show people who you are and what you do best? Who do you cater to?


Use imagery that is unique to you. It is unnecessary to use images that exactly translate to what you do. Instead, interpret who you are.

Also, be consistent. Never change logos as often as you would change your banners. Branding takes time, and for people to relate a logo to your business, they have to see it more often.

Make your logo easy to recognize and reproduce.

Would people recognize you from afar? Could your logo be reproduced in any size, in any given medium? The below picture says it all.

In creating your files, make sure that they are in vector format. Vectors are file formats designed on software such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel. You can stretch these files without losing any detail. Also, take note that web colors are different from print. You can ask your printers for more information regarding this.

A simple way to check if your logo is easy to identify is to start in black and white. Will your logo be recognizable even without color? What if you make a very small version of it? Or maybe a very large one?

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